Jax is not new to the world of retail and women’s fashion, formally creating and developing a brand of lingerie called Treasure Chest that was specifically dedicated to women with cup sizes from D to J.

Jax has always had a passionate vision to making specialty clothing and fashion items accessible to women of all diverse shapes, sizes, ages, cultures & tastes.

After selling Treasure Chest due to family circumstances, and moving back into the family business for a few years, Jax had been searching for the right business to buy to fuel her fashion passion. THAT’S THE DRESS was the perfect opportunity for her and hence the journey begins.

THAT’S THE DRESS; previously Royal Carpet Dress Hire has been retailing since 2012, but has recently been taken over by Jacqueline Parsons in April 2018. Preferably and more informally known as Jax, the business is taking on a new breath of fresh air.

THAT’S THE DRESS has two store locations for your convenience:

  • SHOP 19 - Nobel Park Shopping Centre – 4 old Paarl Road, Bellville

The vision of THAT’S THE DRESS is to offer ALL women the dream experience that they desire for that very special occasion….be it your first dance, matric farewell, graduation, confirmation, first grand ball, flower girl, bridesmaid, maid of honour, bride, mother of the bride, grandmother of the bride….we cater for every girl’s dream.

We truly want you to feel comfortable in your fitting experience with us; regardless of your shape, size or age. Our highly trained and personable ladies in each store are trained on styles to suit all body proportions and shapes. Our vast range of dresses will allow you to have many choices to fit, and you won’t have the need to feel awkward or overwhelmed at all, rather it will be a positive and fun experience!
We also offer “tailor-made” dresses given enough time to do alternations

We have all been there, the night you have always dreamed of, waited for, known it’s going to be the night you will remember forever. But the dress….the dress; the one that will make or break this night for you. Will it cost your next three months’ salary, will the colour look good on you, will someone else be wearing the same dress, and will it suit your height, shape, hair colour, proportions…?
THAT’S THE DRESS offers the solution to all these questions, avoiding the unnecessary “dress stress” from your important evening.
At THAT’S THE DRESS you can make a “pamper appointment”, OR just stop in without an appointment - come in for a leisurely trying on experience. We are also the perfect solution to any last minute occasions that often happen and you have nothing to wear!
Fit as many dresses as you wish and when you have found the perfect dress from our extensive range of custom-made choices, you can then rent the dress instead of buying it, (of course if you fall in love with your perfect dress the option of buying is there) and then have minor alternations made to make sure it fits you like a Cinderella’s dress.

We offer the perfect accessories to go with your perfect dress; from shoes, necklaces, bracelets, and tiaras. Your one-stop-shop ensuring that you are completely ready for your special occasion.

We want to be the start to your perfect event!